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“Easily the best hot sauces I've had. I don't eat anything without them.”

“The only hot sauce I use! So versatile, I put it on almost everything! My favourite is the Smokey Bacon Jalapeño. I go to the Seaport Market just to buy Rudi's delicious sauce. Let the peppers shine!”

“Rudi’s hot sauces are delicious! Fresh, bright flavours with a range in spice level to suit almost everybody. Candy Reaper Burn and Goat Pepper Fire are favourites in my household!”

“I was at the market today and was asked to try some hot sauce. I had no interest in buying any hot sauce today but was completely blown away by this product. I bought 2 bottles! The sweet cherry bomb is like no sauce I have had before, highly recommend!”

“Just tried my Rudi's Sweet Cherry Bomb hot sauce for the first time and it is DEEEELICIOUS! Had it on some otherwise-unexciting rice, shrimp, egg, and beans, and it brought it from dull to delectable. This bottle is not long for this world, methinks. Thanks guys!”

“My fridge is constantly stocked with all the sauces!!! They're amazing!!! Full of flavours and excitement, not just the boring typical "hot sauce" you get at Sobeys that all tastes the same. This stuff is TO DIE FOR!!!”

“Nice sauce enjoyed the burn! :) and the awesome garlic taste.”

“Delicious, clean, high end flavors and ingredients, with a great versatility! A true put-it-on-everything hot sauce!”

“I've eaten all three sauces many times in various ways, and I can honestly say they taste more & more delicious each time I try them.”

“Really supreme sauce with a heat level for all taste buds.”

“Awesome addition to the Halifax food scene!”

“Thanks to Peppermaster, my family discovered Rudi's - we love it!”

“I've never felt so alive in my whole life.”

“Ultra-Ordinary. Fresh, crisp clean flavours. Love it!”

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