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Rudi’s Hot Sauce

We let the peppers shine with Rudi Brooks from Rudi’s Hot Sauce. The Halifax based business sells a variety of hot sauces from Halifax Seaport Farmers Market.

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Halifax's Website - The Coast

Rudi's Authentic Hot Sauce is fired up

“I want to blow your mind,” says Rudi Brooks. “I want you to look at the bottles and see five red sauces that all look the same, but then taste them and see that they have completely different tastes, different heat levels.”…

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Halifax Ribfest

Rudi's Authentic Hot Sauce at Halifax Ribfest

Rudi and Cyril make a tasty creation for sampling

Check out these videos below on how to make Spicy Corn Muffins using Candy Reaper Burn!

CTV News Atlantic
Rudi's Hot Sauce - Part 1
Rudi's Hot Sauce - Part 2

Halifax's Website - The Coast

Rudi's Authentic Hot Sauce is fired up

The need for heat runs in Rudi Brooks’ family. An admitted addict to spicy foods learned to keep his fridge stocked with hot sauces from his father, Greg “the peppermaster” Brooks, a chef and hot sauce aficionado in his own right…

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Herald Annapolis Valley

Some like it hot

With over a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry, Brooks decided to put his culinary skills to the test with a line of hot sauces ranging from mild to intense heat. He markets the hot sauce in selected retail outlets in the Valley and Halifax and at food and craft markets throughout the province.

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Valley Family Fun

Hot Stuff with Rudi’s Hot Sauce

I am a disgrace to my husband. I will NOT eat anything the least bit spicy. I like flavourful food, but I cannot tolerate any “heat” or “spice” whatsoever. Imagine travelling in India and Thailand and trying to find something to eat! Not easy! As a compromise, David has collected various spices or sauces to add to his food after the kids and I have served ours. You can imagine my excitement when last fall, when at a charity auction, I found a 3-pack sample of Rudi’s Hot Sauces!

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