Welcome to the home of Rudi’s Hot Sauce!

A unique line of everyday hot sauces prepared by the Peppermaster and brought to you by his hot sauce addicted son, Rudi.

Shop around and get inspired to transform your upcoming meals into delicious culinary experiences. Drawing on the vast expertise of the Peppermaster, Rudi has simplified his creations into hot sauces made for all occasions. These recipes are professionally crafted using unique varieties of fresh chili peppers and blending them with all natural ingredients that allow their true flavours to shine through. Each product has its own personality and its own special place on your dinner table.

From sweet, succulent and mild to a perfect tangy bite, then all the way from a very spicy treat to a luscious sauce with the world’s hottest pepper, I recommend all four! They will compliment any dish from a slice of pizza to a gourmet meal.

So take a ride on a hot sauce adventure that will leave your taste buds craving more!

Our Products

A special note from the Peppermaster…

These are no ordinary hot sauces…

This trio of cherry pepper, bird pepper and goat pepper hot sauces distinguish themselves through their artisanal qualities. Fresh varietal peppers, an amazing distilled organic grain vinegar, single source Peruvian organic and fair trade raw cane sugar, and other gluten free, corn free, non gmo ingredients allow clean flavours of unsurpassed richness to enhance your every meal.

What this means is that they taste amazing!

These sauces truly are…Ultra-ordinary.

And once you’ve tried them you’ll see for yourself that they really do let the peppers shine through.

Sampling the Candy Reaper Burn!

Dats Rudi's Hot Sauce!