Tips for Use

Whenever someone asks me what to use these sauces on I always say the same thing. Just put them on the table alongside your salt and pepper. They are made with fresh peppers and adding them directly to your food is the best option. Cooking with them can take away from the sauces’ fresh qualities. If you do, simply add it at the end of the cooking process to allow these fresh flavours to shine through!

Rudi’s Hot Sauce is a refined style of hot sauce, which means it has a smooth consistency with no chunks. For this reason it is great for mixing into other refined products to help add a boost in flavour and heat. Here are some great examples of concoctions Rudi’s Hot Sauce can instantly make. Get creative and play around with the proportions!

Goat Pepper Mustard: 5 parts mustard to 1 part Goat Pepper Fire. (Hint: Try Dijon mustard or even honey-mustard! Use on a roast beef sandwich or dip sausage into it.)

Thai Bird Mayo: 5 parts Mayonnaise to 1 part Thai Bird Tang. (Hint: Try adding one teaspoon of Dijon for a Thai Bird Dijonnaise. Dip French fries or add to a turkey club sandwich.)

Sweet Cherry Donair Sauce: A Maritime classic. This is AMAZING. 3 parts donair sauce to 1 part Sweet Cherry Bomb (Hint: Add a few drops of Goat Pepper Fire or Candy Reaper Burn to kick it up a notch. Make a traditional donair.)

Goat Ketchup Fire: 5 parts ketchup to 1 part Goat Pepper Fire. (Hint: Substitute Goat Pepper Fire with Candy Reaper Burn for Reaper Ketchup Burn. Add to a burger, or dip home cut fries.)

Thai Bird Dressing: Simply add Thai Bird Tang to your favourite salad dressing. The organic grain vinegar will pair nicely with any style vinaigrette. (Hint: A few drops of Sweet Cherry Bomb will sweeten things right up. Add to any style of salad, or try mixing into your hamburger meat or basting fish.)

Goat Pepper Honey: Oh man, a real winner. 6 parts honey to 1 part Goat Pepper Fire. (Hint: Add Goat Pepper Honey to equal parts mustard for a delicious Goat Honey Mustard. Glaze salmon, drizzle over spinach salad or dip chicken fingers.)

Olive Oil Tang: Spice up your olive oil by adding 1 part Thai Bird Tang to 10 parts olive oil. (Hint: Try using different types of oil such as grape seed or coconut oil. Use in cooking, add to marinades, etc…)

Sweet Balsamic Bomb: 1 parts Sweet Cherry Bomb to 6 parts balsamic vinaigrette. (Hint: Try Candy Reaper Burn for a Sweet Balsamic Burn. Use to deglaze a pan, caramelize mushrooms or onions or add to salad dressings.)

Sweet Cherry Butter: 1 part Sweet Cherry Bomb to 3 parts clarified butter. (Hint: Substitute Sweet Cherry Bomb with Candy Reaper Burn! Drizzle over fresh popcorn, use to caramelize mushrooms or onions, try in conjunction with Sweet Balsamic Bomb!)

Sour Cream Bomb: 1 part Sweet Cherry Bomb with 5 parts sour cream. (Hint: Substitute Thai Bird Tang to make a Sour Bird Tang. Use as a chip dip or as a garnish for soups.)

Tatziki Reaper Burn: 1 part Candy Reaper Burn with 10 parts tatziki. (Hint: Substitute Sweet Cherry Bomb for a much milder version. Use as a dip; try using pretzels or pita bread.)

Goat Pepper Salsa: 1 part Goat Pepper Fire to 10 parts salsa. Finally you can have your favourite brand of salsa as hot as you want it. (Hint: Try adding a few splashes of Sweet Cherry Bomb for a sweet salsa. Use to make nachos, dip tortilla chips or add to chicken fajitas.)

Apple Bird Tang: 1 part Thai Bird Tang with 7 parts apple sauce. Mmmmm. (Hint: Make apple sauce from scratch after a visit to your local apple orchard. Add the Thai Bird Tang at the end of the cooking process. Use alongside pork chops or chicken, or potato latkes.)

Candy Reaper Fondue: 1 part Candy Reaper Burn to 15 parts fondue cheese. (Hint: Try doubling or tripling up the Candy Reaper Burn! Make with Swiss, Emmental, Gruyere and Appenzeller, a clove of shredded garlic, and Kirsch or Brandy.)

Some other great food items to mix Rudi’s Hot Sauce with…