About Rudi's Hot Sauce

I grew up adding hot sauce to every meal and I still do. It was a staple in our household since my father is a master sauce maker and chef. Our meals were always hot and flavourful and over the years I’ve developed a healthy addiction to spicy foods. I usually have at least five types of hot sauce in my fridge at any given time, and usually much more.

I’ll admit that my favourite spice is fresh cracked pepper straight from the mill. It is said that cracked pepper opens up your taste buds and allows the true flavours of your food to shine. After all, next to gold, pepper is what Christopher Columbus was seeking when he first came to the Americas. When I eat in restaurants I often spark up a conversation with my server while they crack pepper onto my plate, never saying ‘when’ until I have to. But cracked pepper is not nearly enough for me and neither is just pure heat. I need a good hot sauce that is bursting with flavour.

My father grew up in the tropical islands of The Bahamas where he acquired his passion for working with hot peppers. With decades of production experience, he is now appropriately labeled ‘The Peppermaster.’ He uses a wide variety of unique peppers and focuses on their individual flavours. His many cooking sauces, spicy elixirs, infusions, pure pepper mashes and the rest of his wide arsenal of pepper products have been delighting hot sauce aficionados for decades. I could easily get lost in a pantry of his products, cooking hot meals and creations to my heart’s content. As his son, I know his products and capabilities like no one else, but I’ve often felt that there was something missing. Something simple yet complex. A hassle free sauce, or group of sauces, to put on the table alongside the basic salt and pepper, something to add a burst of flavour and spice to every meal.

So I approached the Peppermaster with my idea and together we developed my vision. I wanted to use unique peppers in my sauces with the flavour of each one shining through, much like fine wines that concentrate on each grape variety. After researching the market I quickly realized that nearly all hot sauces use either Cayenne or Habanero peppers. While these are both powerful peppers, there is a whole array of amazing peppers out there that are perfect for making into hot sauces. I proudly bring to you an authentic product line using peppers less traveled: Cherry Bomb, Bird’s Eye, the elusive Goat Pepper and the new hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper. They are medium, hot, hotter and extra hot, respectively.

Here it is, Rudi’s Hot Sauce, a simple selection of sauces that will bring a burst of life to your food. Made by the expertise of the Peppermaster and developed by me, his son. With well over a decade of experience in the Food & Beverage industry and a life time of eating hot and spicy foods, I can assure you that these sauces will deliver all that you seek in a hot sauce and so much more. But I feel obligated to warn you…These products are highly addictive, trust me, I am currently addicted to them myself.

The colours alone will make you want to buy it, but the flavour will be what brings you back for more. No preservatives, all-natural, gluten free, no gmo’s…just pure love and only the highest quality ingredients we could find. Generations of talent condensed into a little bottle that will make you crave your next meal.